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has the latest systems (IT) of the market, both the management of the supply chain and for online communication with the customer.

Radio Frequencies terminals for full control of the goods receipt, preparation and the product to obtain the traceability of it.

The SGA covers mainly:

  • Peer to peer (EDI, TXT, EXEL…) through FTP, @, WEB.
  • Reception
  • Inventory Management
  • Preparation of orders
  • Control of shipments
  • KPI reporting and performance indicators

Creates and controls for different parameters:

  • Caducity
  • Batch Control and pallet fees
  • Weights and volumes

In addition, exhaustively controls all movements of goods from the entrance to their final destiny.

Identification and tracking throughout the supply chain contemporary standards EAN barcodes.

The ability to communicate is completely malleable and configurable with any current market. Like becomes the logistics department of our client, our SGA absorbs and offers all of the supply chain.

Together with our lives the SGA dedicated to RF, making all the real-time warehouse operations and reporting ONLINE through our website by username and password: inputs, outputs, stock, inventory, returns (LI) and relocation…


Connectivity: Of different specialties, skills or connections to connect.


Through our SGA is allowed to control all movements of goods from the same input to the final destination, controlling and monitoring the operation of each of the tasks, time management of tasks, optimization of routes, consultations of the stock, location… from anywhere in the store.

Identification and tracking throughout the supply chain looking CD and EAN standards and EDI communications.

Thereby obtain product traceability at all times and let know their status and location.


Traceability: Procedures to control the historical, the physical and the trajectory of a product or batch of products in the course of supply chain at any given time, using certain tools.

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