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12 centers located in the Iberian Peninsula:

  • Barcelona (Santa Maria de Palautordera, La Roca-Cardedeu y Montcada)
  • Girona (Riells i Viabrea)
  • Madrid (Coslada)
  • Valencia (Massamagrell y Puerto Sagunto)
  • Alicante (P.I. Las Atalayas)
  • Sevilla (Dos Hermanas)
  • Guipúzcoa (Irún)
  • Portugal (Lisboa-Oporto)

Systems and all equipped with the latest handling equipment ready for any need and / or specialization, system C. Fire and theft according to the regulations and Quality Certifications ISO and UNO, RS (sanitary registration) sanitation and continuous development for sustainability.

Infrastructure: Set of items or services that are considered necessary for the creation and operation of an organization and any part of a building that is below ground level

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