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  1. Increase your sales, not storing the product at its point of sales and increase rotations and profitability of the space while collaborating on the design of the operational logistics of new business niches for your company.
  2. Reduce the cost of your stocks, to make optimal management of obsolescence by reducing fixed, as warehouses as well as point of sale and distribution.
  3. Reduce the cost of the returns, integrated within a Lean philosophy the return of the product in a ordered way, avoiding cost overruns.
  4. Reduce the expenses arising from end of life products (destructions, treatment, etc.).

Key to our success:

  • Information on each stage and traceability of reverse flow
  • Consolidation of customer inventories by type
  • Safety correct decision making circuits for product returned by pre-established reverse logistics with customers
  • Simplification and reverse flow process outsourcing for clients

Reduced Total Cost Integral returns for our clients.

Reverse Logistics: reverse logistics includes all operations related to the reuse of products and materials […]refers to all the logistics of harvesting, unpacking and process of materials, used products, and/or their parts, to ensure a sustainable ecological recovery.

Devolution: In trade, a product devolution is the act by which a vendor product return previously purchased for any of these reasons:
  • Because it is the policy of the provider accept returns within an agreed time
  • Because it is damaged or not in accordance with the use (non-conformity)
  • For the case of a sale at a distance (by phone, catalog or Internet), make refunds within seven days allowing the Trade Act * to return it without any penalty and without alleging anything (right of withdrawal).

Mold E-Logístic@

  1. Helping to increase your sales, reaching a growing market, in a safely and quickly way, adapting to your needs.
  2. Reducing the complexity, make optimum management of logistics processes relative venda even ONLINE – Fullfilment-
  3. With transparency and monitoring, integrated into the information systems and control ONLINE knowing the status of your logistic chain.
  4. Customizing the product size, have the ability to use products that meet their needs and customers-Postponement-
  5. Reverse logistics , through our service:
  • Consolidation of inventories.
  • Completed custom products.
  • Fast service.
  • Total integration in the administrative and interconnection.
  • Flexibility and adaptability.
  • Integration of reverse logistics and security.
  • Transparency and visibility of service to our customers.

Be a key factor in increasing your sales with the E-commerce channel, offering you a flexible externalization, fast and safety.

E-Logistic@: Achieves effective interaction between a buyer and a commercial vendor to coordinate all the activities and processes required for a product to reach the point where and when the buyer requires, optimized under the criteria of time and costs.

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